New viscose fibre specialty

New viscose fibre specialty

The R&D team of the German viscose specialties manufacturer Kelheim Fibres has developed a totally new viscose fibre named “Umberto”, representing cross sections by applying a multitude of parameters during the spinning process. The resulting creation is a fibre with varying letter-shaped cross section

The new fibre is beneficial to both nonwoven and textile application. Test results reveal that in the nonwoven field Umberto fibres of a certain length achieved the best results for the dispersibility of wet wipes. Different cross sections are used in textile applications to create air pockets in the yarn delivering a thermal insulation effect in garments and this process is actually being tested by a reputed institute.

Kelheim Fibres GmbH is with its plant in Kelheim (D) – according to in-house information – one of the world’s leading producers of viscose speciality fibres and the most important supplier of viscose fibres for the tampon industry. It owns the fibre brands Danufil®, Galxay® and Viloft ® and all of these are synonymous with superior quality. The fibre application reach from hi-tech clothing to hygiene and technical products and paper and worldwide manufacturers with a broad range of applications make use of the Kelheim fibres.

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