Lenzing totally acquires Czech Pulp Producer Biocel Paskov

Lenzing totally acquires Czech Pulp Producer Biocel Paskov

In April 2010 Austrian Lenzing acquired already a 75 % majority stake of Czech pulp producer Biocel Paskov A.S. from Austrian Heinzel Group and on October 3, 2012 Lenzing acquired the additional 25 % from the Heinzel Group

Lenzing has restructured Biocel Paskov facility in 2010 in order to become a “swing capacity” producer of pulp, involving total investments of EUR 100 million. Starting next year, Biocel Paskov will be in a position to produce both paper pulp as well as high quality dissolving pulp used in the manufacturing of cellulose fibers. A total of 60000 t of dissolving pulp was produced already in 2011, with plans calling for a production volume of around 115000 t in the ongoing year.

During 2013 Biocel Paskov (close to 400 employees) will operate – according to in-house information – as one of the world’s most high-performance and advanced manufacturing plants for this special pulp thanks to a further debottlenecking program, increased energy efficiency and new recovery facilities. The nominal capacity of the plant will be 260000 t of dissolving pulp at that time. This vertical backward integration represents an important step for the Lenzing Group to safeguard its raw material base, both in terms of prices and volumes.


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