Swiss Jakob Müller and Italian Comez under one roof

Swiss Jakob Müller and Italian Comez under one roof

As of October 8, 2012 Italian Gomez Gestioni S.p.A., Giolavegna (Pavia), Italy, will operate under the name of Comez International s.r.l. and from then on as a member of the Jakob Müller Group (narrow textile machines).

The brand Comez, their machine portfolio and quality level in machinery and services will remain unchanged to serve customers with advanced knitting solutions and the combined strengths of the two companies will enhance their product portfolio and services. Paolo Banfi will continue to represent Comez internationally as general manager. Other changes such as production sites and other personnel consequences were not reported. With the exception of the crochet and knitting segment the Jakob Müller Group will remain untouched by this new combination of activities.

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