Plastics and recycled plastics in fashion

Plastics and recycled plastics in fashion

Popular “stylist to the stars”, Gretta Monahan highlighted during the New York Fashion Week (USA) in September the rapid rise in the use of recycled plastics in clothing and fashion, underscoring how the eco-chic movement has become mainstream in the fashion world




To take her message to an even broader audience Gretta Monahan announced an online consumer contest (Plastics Make it Possible®) with a chance to win a USD 500 gift card from a fashion retailer. (Shopbop). She pointed out that well-known designers and brands, such as Rebecca Taylor and Patagonia, are using recycled plastics in clothing and accessories that are available at mainstream retailers. She also noted the prevalence of plastics on the New York catwalks, including metallic details made with plastic fibres, sheer layers made from fabrics such as polyester chiffon, and skinny pants that rely on spandex for their sleek look. And she added that many people don’t associate plastics with fashion or couture, they are literally woven into the fabric of many of our favourite looks, for example nylon, polyester, spandex, faux fur, faux leather, vinyl, polyurethane, acrylic, rayon, microfiber, all of these are plastics and are widely used in the potpourri of styles. They are often very affordable to help achieve a high-end look for much less, she claimed.

In early October, Gretta Monahan will present the latest must have fashion trends made with plastics and recycled plastics through an exclusive video series on the website of Plastics Make it Possible®.

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