IAF International Designer Award

On September 26, 2012 and in the framework of the IAF World Apparel Convention in Porto (P) the overall IAF International Designer Award was bestowed to Nelleke Strijkers of SPR+

We reported already on the nominees from seven countries and the members of the jury. Now the 2012 winners are known: The Award for the most creative design went to Nadine Möllenkamp & Silke Geib (D), the most commercial design, as well as the best way of working with fabrics was attributed to Nelleke Strijkers (NL), and thus she became the overall winner.

The winner of 2011, Camilo Alvarez from Medellin, Colombia was IAF’s invited guest at the Convention and he presented his collection at a catwalk show.

More on the IAF International designer award can be had from the first web-address below.

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