Logistics analysis to reduce environmental impact

Logistics analysis to reduce environmental impact

Swedish internationally operating clothier KappAhl transported 2011/12 over 60 million articles from the distributions centre in Mölndal (S) to all stores in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland and the Czech Republic and thanks to a logistics analysis is now able to reduce the environmental impact

For the analysis KappAhl was teaming up with Geodis Wilson, a logistics company and was leading to a unique logistics analysis. The project describes what may happen in the future if important variables in the transport industry are changing and what should be monitored and addressed. The end result will be presented in an app where different scenarios can be simulated. The model provides an overview of the entire logistics systems, and how companies can plan their future transport depending on differing given parameters, one is the filling ratio. By filling the transport units in the best way and at the same time the environmental impact per article transported is reduced. The project is another stepping stone in KappAhl’s efforts in view to sustainability.


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