Six months from drawing board to production

Six months from drawing board to production

German dyeing machinery specialist Thies installed ten dyeing machines and a horizontal pressure dryer in record time: six months from drawing board to full production at Park Valley Dyers in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire (GB)

The complete Thies dyeing installation is run by just six employees achieving shortly after installation already an output of 25 t of dyed yarn weekly and this with virtually zero waste.

Park Valley is a contract furnishing fabrics specialist Camira Fabrics, which has set up the new GBP 2 million Park Valley site, jointly with Homfirth Dyers. Camira is headquartered in nearby Mirfield and disposes of a weaving mill in Huddersfield and another in Lithuania, employing a total of 450 people.

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It is the supplier of Holdsworth-branded fabrics to the transportation industry (bus, coach and train upholstery) worldwide. Customers include Arriva, Transport for London, the Paris Mewtro, London Underground and First Group.

Camiro is providing also extensive collections for office furniture. For both markets, product specification is extremely high in respect of continuity and reproducibility with high fastness requirements. All of these and others are fully met by the new Thies units.

Park Valley is now the home for Camira’s yarn package dyeing in-house, making use of the former working mill of Parkland Textiles, in recent years it had been used for the storage of caravans. A good reason to settle the new operation there was that the mill possessed the necessary licences and permits in place to run a dyeing operation in respect of water and effluent. In this region there are strict regulations in place.

Mike Exley of Advance Dyeing Solution carried out the installation and provides technical support, spares and services for Thies machines in Great Britain and he stressed the immediate benefits of the new plant in being designed and installed from scratch and for the specific requirements of the customer and all from one hand. He praised the quality of the pumps in the Thies system providing excellent liquor flow and control ensuring that every machine is working with the same liquor ratio at the same heating and cooling rates, thus allowing a maximum standardisation.

All of the parameters of the Thies dyeing units, from the Quattro lab sampling unit to the largest two eco-Bloc machines with capacities of 840 kg and 1680 kg when operating in “master and lave” linked mode from a single control unit are standard. Whatever the chemical formula might be, high efficiency and reproducibility from machine to machine is guaranteed and PC controllers ensure the material flow and all machine functions are constantly monitored and regulated.

Inside the eco-Bloc units, the head exchanger is strategically positioned in the circulation system with a correspondingly positive effect on the liquor ratio, and to avoid the need for an expansion tank while compensation g for liquor expansion and shading corrections, the kier uses an internal air pad.

The plant is very flexible and the bitter machines are modular, with the ability to operate, say two of their four modules, or just load 50 % of the packages, again with complete reproducibility guaranteed. The package spindles are designed to be completely sealed, whether with full or half loads.

The total of seven horizontal and two vertical Thies dyeing machines are currently processing 85/15 blend wool/nylon yarns for Camira and the carriers are currently being supplied that will see the plant also processing polyester yarns.

Holmfirth Dyers already carries out the piece dyeing of Camira’s plain fabrics. The Park Valley site obtained a pharmaceutical standard recipe preparation boot to achieve specifications that are much higher than actually required. Actually they operate within extremely fine tolerances, with variations of less than 0.2 g per 16 kg batch in formulation and in dispensing achieving a right first time rate of 98 %.

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