Clariant expands its fluorchemical production in Germany

Clariant expands its fluorchemical production in Germany

With an investment of EUR 8 million Swiss Clariant Specialty Chemicals producer increases its capacity to produce the next generation fluorchemicals at its plant in Gendorf, Germany. The plant will support the new lines of C6 Nuva® products and expand the options for customers who are increasingly making the switch from traditional C8 products. Clariant is – according to in-house information one of the leading companies producing fabric repellency treatments

C6 chemistry is one of the outcomes of Clariant’s full focus on developing sustainable products, processes and solutions, aligned with the Responsible Care commitments, stewardship principles and sustainability policy. Under the same aspect, Clariant is adhering to the EPA PFOA 2010/2015 Stewardship Programme.

To support these stewardship commitments, Clariant has fully reviewed the Nuva polymer range and the highly effective repellency treatments manufactured from the already established C8 chemistry. The development of replacement products with high levels of efficacy and improved environmental profiles have been of priority and resulted in the development of Nuva N, an advanced C6-based fluorchemcal for sustainable repellency and release solutions, free of PFOA (below limit of detection) but allowing comparable performance results to compare with the traditional C8 chemistry.

The new C6-based technologa of the Nuva N range ensures excellent durability of the repellent effects and C6 products have gained broad appreciations among the customers, explains Georg Lang, Head of Claraiant’s Product Group Finishing, Business Unit Textile Chemicals, and added that with his capacity extension Clariant is in a position to better serve the customer’s requirements.


At the same time, Clariant is now introducing Nuva N1811 (microcapsule technology) as the latest cost-competitive addition to this range, with similar performance to existing C6 products. If compared to conventional fluorchemicals giving the fabric a somewhat paper like feel, because the process significantly hardens the fibre and can have an effect on the abrasion and tear strength of the treated fabric, the Nuva N1811 microcapsule technology imparts a softer hand and has no negative impact on abrasion resistance and tear resistance.

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