Fourth World Carpet Day took place in Gent, Belgium

Fourth World Carpet Day took place in Gent, Belgium

The 4th World Carpet Day at the University College in Gent, Belgium from Sept. 6 -7, 2012 has been a tremendous success with more than 200 participants

The first day covered the following themes: Yes, carpets and rugs are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the decoration of your home, office, hotels, a paper given by N. De pres from Big Fish (B), then Yes, carpets and rugs are brilliant for the indoor and outdoor environment by E. Vankann, GUT (D) and Yes, carpets and rugs are a splendid option in all kinds of different applications by B. Vander Beke, Centexbel (B). Further Modulyss®: Responsible Style in Carpet Tiles by K. De Cooman, Modulyss (B), followed by a Life Cycle Analysis of wool by E. Van Delden, IWTO (B) and Innovative multifunctional carpets by M. Van Parys, Unitex / Univesity College Gent (B)

The parallel session entailed a Contemporaty concept of digital carpet printing by R. Marazzi, Clariant International (CH) and Innovation by Van de Wiele safeguards the future of the carpet weaversby J. Verschelde, Van de Wiele (B), Chromojet process colour printing of woven carpets by T. Naschberger, Zimmer (A), then Is polyester BCF an entirely American phenomenon? Technical requirements, review and outlook by M. Rademacher, Oerlikon Neumag (D), further Superdome Carpetflow, the economical solution for dyeing of small batches PES and PA carpets by G. Ciappini, MC’s Group (I) and “The influence of spin finishes on carpet properties by M. Bildhauer of CHT R. Beitlich (D).

The second parallel sessions entailed Latest innovations: a carpet does not need to be just a carpet by A. Langerock from Devon Chemicals (B) and An integrated approach to wool research and wool supply by W. Meaded – Food & Bio-based Products (NZ), as well as From fibre to finish: the holistic carpet approach by T. Ruchser & R. Nyhofen from Tanatex Chemicals (NL), then Ecology and sustainability in the Carpet Industry by J. Eaton, DyStar (D) and Carpet lamination using hotmelt as adhesive by M. Vanneste, Centexbel (B). Further Energy and handling optimised by Volkmann Cableer and Twister by M. Beckmann from Volkmann (Oerlikon Saurer) (D), as well as Fine dust in indoor air: test method and evaluation of textile floor coverings by M. Belly from Centexbel (B) and Lenocarperts: lightweight floor covering by G. De Clercq, University College, Gent (B).

The second days plenary session covered the following themes: Eco-design methodology for recyclable textile coverings used in the European construction and transport industries by Yves Gloy from RWTH Aachen (D), then modern textiles need modern heat by G. Keuterickx from Weiss Technik Belgium and Efficient energy and material usage in carpet plants by new microwave technology and complex controls by R. Pleva from Pleva (D) and the final three papers: Recycling of synthetic fibres and carpets – using the example of PP and PA materials by C. Fellner from NGR (A), then Latex-free carpets for the automotive industry presented by J. Ville from Fibroline (F) and Go Cradle to Cradle® to boost innovation and a responsible business by S. Kronendijk from Desso (NL).

The paper by Yves Gloy from RWTH Aachen University was given in the framework of EcoMeTex and was funded within the 7th Framework Programme with various partners and the coordination of ITA the Institute for Textile Technology and the Institute for flooring systems, both RWTH Aachen (D), more on the EcoMeTex project can be had from the second web address below

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