Spectrocolorimeter to check colour differences during processing

Spectrocolorimeter to check colour differences during processing

X-Rite Incorporated has launched the RM200QC handheld spectrocolorimeter, an offering to textile enterprises, plastic parts and coating firms to accurately and affordably communicate colour differences during manufacturing processes. It serves at the same time to speed up the introduction of new products and to reduce waste

XRI_The_new_RM200QC_from_X-Rite_1The market response on the introduction of this useful and accurate tool is high and the instrument is used in diverse industries because it is a handy, mobile and cost effective solution for identifying out-of-specification colour components. The inexpensive tool serves particularly to assist processes of matching colours by comparing incoming raw materials or finished products with colour swatches, fan decks or sample products. The meters can be stationed at individual machines or at critical steps in a workflow to alert quality control personnel if a manufacturing process is out of control.

Operators can select between 4mm and 8 mm apertures and preview the sample are on the instrument’s full colour display and take a measurement in less than 2 seconds with the press of a button. The instrument gives results in the form of a simple pass/fail message or CIE L*a*b* values and delta E colour differences. It also reports results in all of the standard colour difference equations and tolerances, such as CIELAB, CMC, CIE 94, or CIE 2000.

The spectrocolorimeter’s memory holds 20 standards and up to 350 measurements automatically stamped with time, date and saved as PDF and CSV files that can be downloaded easily via USB cable in order that the information can be shared with other stakeholders in a supply chain. Any measurement can be linked with images of test surfaces, text notes, or voice messages and the reports’ output can be in multiple languages.


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