Trevira CS at MoOD 2012 Home Textiles

Trevira CS at MoOD 2012 Home Textiles

Trevira CS, the polyester fibre manufacturer registered its 17th appearance from September 10 – 12, 2012 at the MoOD 2012 Home Textile fair (210 exhibitors with their contact collections) in Brussels, Belgium

Despite the challenges, Trevira CS voices the opinion that there are still opportunities for specialities. Trevira CS brand attracts constant interest as the trademark approval statics reveal, thus the number of approvals rose by almost 8 % as to compare with 2011. Many Trevira CS fabric manufacturers and suppliers are located in the growth markets of Asia and the Middle East. Fibre Trevira supports its partners in their efforts to increase their business in “made in Europe” textiles and to raise market awareness.


AT mood Trevira made a joint appearance with its top customers from the yarn and weaving sectors (representing also the Trevira CS Club concept) , among 11 weavers from its Gold and Silver customers. The prominent names – either returning to the exhibition or making a first appearance as exhibitors – presented at the Trevira CS Square were Création Baumann, Dina Vanelli, Fidivi, Lodetex, Ludvig Svensson, Müller Zell, Pugi, Rohleder, Spandauer Verlurs, Verlours Blafo and Verotex. Within the booth visitors found additionally the latest creations in Trevira CS from prestigious editors/converters. Six of the eleven customers mentioned are also involved in the Trevira CS partner concept of Gold and Silver Customers and some of those were presenting in Brussels the first time ever, namely Man Made, Ho Garn, Torcitura Lei-Tsu, Torcitura Padana, Selvafil and Torcitura Fibre Sintetiche and presented yarns for the manufacture of Trevira CS materials. This shows the close cooperation of Trevira with its partners.

MoOD is also the location of the Trevira CS Award bestowed for an outstanding new Trevira CS creation presented by the exhibitors.


In the framework of Trevira CS Club a creativity competition will be announced during the fourth quarter of 2012 titled “Fabric Creativity Competition” and will give every fabric manufacturer and supplier the opportunity to secure points with particularly innovative developments thus increasing their service level provided by Trevira CS. For each entry there will be a reward. A panel of prominent professions will judge the entries and make their assessments taking into account various criteria, such as the degree of innovation, technical execution, suitability for the contract market and trendsetting. We find on the panel Corinna Kretschmar-Joehnk, JOI Design Hamburg, Prof. Bettina Göttke-Krogman, Burg Giebichenstein, the Kunsthochschule Halle, jointly with Natalija Zimmermann, interior designer and stylist, BZ Bildung-Beratung-Innovation, Leipzig (all Germany). There will be prizes for the 10 best fabrics and they will gain extra Club points and will be highlighted on the Trevira stand at Heimtextil (January 9 – 12, 2012 in Frankfurt) with some effective publicity. The selection of the winners will be completed at the end of November 2012.

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