Even more sustainablility

Even more sustainablility

Swedish clothing chain retailer KappAhl sells more than 11 million garments annually, and is making use of certified eco-labels

The new collection is named “It’s all about being friendly” to reinforce the eco-friendly garments. It is a recurring collection with an eco-friendly theme. The lines consist of classic “feel-good clothes” in a neutral colour scheme. The collection is made of materials that are made of materials such as organic cotton, Lyocell and recycled fibres.

The organic cotton is grown without the use of dangerous chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers. Organic cotton is approved by external certification institutions. Lyocell is a new type of fibre made from the same raw material (wood cellulose) as viscose but with chemicals use and manufacturing processes being more gently to the environment. Recycle fibres are made from already used materials such as PET bottles, old clothing or raw waste from the textile industries.

All year around KappAhl works to help customers to find a more sustainable wardrobe including the following activities, among others: Clearer labelling of the certified products in store. ”The right way to Wash” guide in stores and on the website show how both clothes and planet will last longer, as well as promoting the development of increased opportunities for recycling of textiles, in cooperation with industry peers. Further the cooperation with-in the Better Cotton Initiative to accelerate the increased availability of organic cotton and to make greater demands on limited chemical content in garments and in production. The company became certified by the Swedish Environmental Department after testing substances banned by KappAhl such as lead, cadmium and nickel in jewellery.


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