The Nominees for the 2012 IAF International Designer Award

The bestowing of the 2012 IAF International Designer Award on September 26, 2012 will be one of the highlights of the annual IAF World Apparel Convention in Oporto, Portugal(September 26 – 27, 2012 – see also Event Calendar on )

The nominees elected by a panel of international judges for the IAF International Desinger Award 2012 edition are Ellie Mucke (AUS), Blaenk /Nadine Möllenkampf & Silke Geib (D), Jatin Varma (IND), Trista (MEX), SPR+ / Nelleke Strijkers (NL), Claudia Garrido (P) and Pei Yuan Lee (Taiwan) and they will also represent the respective nations. The Members of the Jury are Mariette Holtink (Managing Director at HTNK Fashion Recruitment & Consultancy, Dolores Gouveia (Modatex fashion school) and Júlio Torcato (Designer).

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