Chinese fashion brand presented Haute Couture in Milan

Chinese fashion brand presented Haute Couture in Milan

China’s prominent fashion brand NE TIGER and its chairman and Founder Zhang Zhifeng has been launching its Haute Couture „Huafu“ collection by exclusive invitation to he Sino-Italian Fashion Summit 2012 in Milan, Italy, on September 7, 2012

The collection’s launching took place at the Salo Tepolo of Palace Clerici, Milan’s historic and fabled landmark. Nearly 200 CEO’s and representatives from across China and Italy’s fashion and luxury industries participated to see the splendid NE TIGER designs and these masterly captured the essence of China’s 5000 years of civilisation where Chinese silk, porcelain, ceramics, silver, gold and jade – as well its tea –have conquered the world. China’s luxury brands, richly embedded with the country’s cultural traditions are now making their way around the world by aggressively differentiating themselves from the major Western fashion brands.

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Zhang Zhifeng delivered a speech titled “From China, To the World” and presented a short video about Chinese silk and underlined that “it is an indisputable fact that China is influencing world fashion with its strong buying power and even more important is the fact that most luxury items the world over can trace their roots back to China”. His company has taken on the mission “of reviving China’s luxury civilisation and building-up Chinese luxury brand and became the self-appointed heir, defender and guardian of Chinese apparel culture and is thinking and acting independently, especially by creating one of the world’s top brands.

The design concept integrates antiquity to the present and converges Chinese and Western. In its development, the company has pioneered the revolutionary design concept behind their line of “Huafu” dresses and incorporated traditional Chinese techniques such as the 4000 year old silk tapestry, the 3000 year old embroidery and the 1580 year old brocade processes into a uniquely style of a clothing line allowing customers to wear rare handmade clothes before rising to be lost. Zhan Zhifeng is also a restless promoter of Chinese traditional arts, including paper cutting, knotting and hand painting.

Ne Tiger became the top fashion and luxury brand in China and was founded in 1982 and has introduced fur collections, evening dresses, western wedding dresses, Chinese-style wedding dresses and its Haute Couture line “Huafu”.

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