Custom-made wedding dresses make an inroad in Chinese city of Wuhan

Custom-made wedding dresses make an inroad in Chinese city of Wuhan

Originating from Taiwan, custom-made top quality wedding dresses of Moulin de la have made a successful one year entrée in Chinese Wuhan market

Chinha Wu Zhaochun, the major distributor for Moulin de la noted the gap between the consumption power of Wuhan and other Chinese major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Ghuangzhou, because the least dear wedding dress in these first tier cities cost almost CNY 7000, while the most expensive ones are in excess of CNY 100000. To most of Wuhan’s customers for this special dress cannot afford these price levels.

Also Moulin de la’s wedding dresses are unique and therefore also expensive. In addition, the materials for these dresses have to be imported, such as lace form Europe, satin from Taiwan, and crystal decorative pieces from Swarovski. Of course, the wedding gowns are handmade and each design is different. Customers visit the shop and choose the design and the dress is then tailor-made according to their own ideas and by making use of different materials and must be matched to different flowering patterns. The custom-made wedding dress takes usually two to three months.

Moulin de la markets its high-end wedding gowns electronically by a weibo micro-blog to interact with customers. Additionally the company has set up its own blog to present the history of wedding dresses and has joined further the popular internet community in Wuhan, and staged activities targeting affluent couples for branding purposes. The company launched also their wedding dress rental services to increase its market share. The rental package of three pieces, wedding gown, ceremonial dress and formal suit, ranges between CNY 5000 to CNY 20000. Ordinary dress rentals in Wuhan charge only around CNY 1000.

An additional array of promotional actions has brought success, because young adults in Wuhan show a preference for Western style wedding ceremonies and wedding gowns. The exquisite designs of Moulin de la wedding dresses tempts many brides-to-be – and with the necessary buying power – to order more than one gown and wear them on their most special wedding day.

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