IBM to offer smarter commerce solutions

IBM to offer smarter commerce solutions

Unbenannt 4At the occasion of the Smarter Commerce Global Summit on September 5, 2012, IBM announced new software and services designed to assist Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Procurement Officers and other key line-of-business executive to realise quicker business results by delivering intelligent-guided customer experiences, across all digital channels, aligned to the buying and shopping preferences of each individual

IBM launched as well under the same initiative the new cloud-based software and services allowing businesses to immediately put the customer at the centre of their operations and to drive revenue and ensure sustainable brand loyalty. This entails the IBM Marketing Center, an IBM SmartCloud Solution with integrated digital analytics with real time marketing execution capabilities in a single solution. A new Smarter Commerce managed services offering helping clients more rapidly and effectively to deploy and manage their e-commerce environments as well as a new offering for Strategic Supply Management, available on-premises and as a SmartCloud solution speeding and improving supplier governance, risk and compliance.

Currently IBM analyses mor than USD 100 billion in commerce transactions annually in the cloud, among the IBM customers having embraced cloud-based Smarter Comerce offferings are also Urban Outfitters.

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