Pestemals, a new fashionable item is to conquer Germany

Pestemals, a new fashionable item is to conquer Germany

Hollywood’s stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow are using Pestemals made of cotton and now luxury versions inspired by the traditional Turkish Haman-towels are making an inroad to Germany and are designed by Avacasa, Hamburg (D). There are possibilities to use them as bath towels, shawls or stole, as a beach towel, Pareo, Plaid, for sporting activities among others

Pestemals are already very popular in Canada, America and France. They become ever softer after each washing and they are available in a broad range of colours. And freaks are pretending, if one ever used Pestemals, the person will never settle again for terry towels. There are also practical reasons: they don’t take-up much room in a travel bag, a sports bag or a bathing bag, the same in the washing machine and they are kind to the environment. Besides the ones made of 100 % cotton there are variations in silk and bamboo. In Germany, Avacasa is leading the show thanks to its founders Laura Resenberg and Özlem Ahmetoglu and promoters of the luxury versions. More can be had from the website indicated below.

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