Lesser German textile production but higher clothing sales in June 2012

Lesser German textile production but higher clothing sales in June 2012

According to the statistics of German Gesamtverband textile+mode, the umbrella association for textiles and clothing there were less fabrics and garments manufactured in June 2012 in Germany, but more apparel sold

The turnover in textiles in June 2012 amounted to EUR 890 million in textiles (+5.5%) and in clothing to EUR 505 million (+ 11.6 %) and for the first half year of 2012 sales of textiles decreased by 0.9 % against 2011 to EUR 5145 million whereas sales of garments increased by 4% to EUR 8544 million or 1 % against the same period in 2011. For all of 2012 a turnover of EUR 29 billion is projected for the two industries together.

German textile production dropped by 6.5 % in June, clothing production by 0.4 %, whereas order intake for textiles increased by 4 % and for clothing by 9.4 %. Manufacturers’ pricing for textiles increased by 1.2 % for textiles and 2.2 % for clothing. It is interesting to note that apparel wholesale prices in the U.S. dropped by 1.2 % in August in the U.S.

A look at the order intake shows that in June textiles had 4.9 % less orders and garments 0.6 %. In textiles there were 9.4 % less orders in the spinning sector, 2.1 % in the weaving area but an increase of 6.9 % in the finishing sector, whereas Technical Textiles have seen a drop of 3.1 % in order volume and 4.5 % less production but a gain in turnover of 4.9 % to EUR 207 million.

German clothier retailers have witnessed a sales increase of 3.9 % in June, but a drop of 2.3 % during April to June 2012, whereas the general retailing sector gained 6.1 % in June and 1.3 % during the April to June period.

German textile exports (textiles and clothing) lost in June 3.1 % and totalled EUR 1873 million (EUR 1933 million) and in the first half year of 2012 the loss was 3.6 % or from EUR 12877 million to EUR 12408 million.

Textile imports decreased in June by 12.5 % to EUR 2705 (EUR 3093) million and in the first half year by 8.1 % or from EUR 18455 million to EUR 16954 million.


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