Worth Reading

Worth Reading

Technical Textile automotive applications made in Germany

Techtex & Automotive is the title of a new publication (36 pages, in German only!) by Forschungskuratorium Textil e.V. to present the automotive competence of German textile scientific and applied research and the German textile industry. Around 50 SME textile firms are suppliers (value around EUR 4 billion annually) of the automotive industry. Textile research takes place at 13 locations of specialised Institutes and these deliver important solutions for the challenges the automotive industry has to face in the future apart from E-mobility.

Background of the booklet is the results of recent developments in research and products for the automotive industry that could also be of relevance in the near future, e.g. fibre based light weight car bodies with illuminative interior and textile touch selectors. Another chapter is dedicated to the textile impact protection by developing a specially formed hood with integrated spacer fabrics a prototype hood has been presented at the Innovation Day of SME last June in Berlin (D).

In the near future the realisation of other inventions for the car industry is already to be detected on the horizon, e.g. woven heating surfaces, textile panels or bio-signal-monitoring with textile circuits and sensors. The results were forthcoming thanks to the special research programme funded by the German Ministry for Education and Research and titled “Textile micro system technology”. The results are not only beneficial to the automotives but also to the health industry and to care centres for elderly people or to members of disaster intervention teams.



Heimtextil 2013 presents its Trend Book

Stijilinstituut Amsterdam gave a preview of the 2013/2014 season on behalf of the Heimtextil Trendtable and for Heimtextil 2013 edition (January 9 to 12, 2013). The Trend Book describes four themes and under the motto “You are how you live” the experts created four personalities for the new Heimtextil Trend Book “Being”: The historian, the eccentric, the inventor and the geologist. Each one has its own unequivocal concept of life and being and the home is seen as an important asset to their individual lifestyle. Stijilinstiuut will now breathe life into the trends for 2013/14.




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