An inspiring cat for an exclusive Balenciaga collection

An inspiring cat for an exclusive Balenciaga collection

Grace Coddington, creative director of the American Vogue Fashion magazine, has created a limited accessoires collection for Balenciaga entailing bags, shawls and the inspiration comes from Caddington’s cat Pumkin, respectively the sketches Caddington made of her over a decade in creations of “Nicholas Ghesquière for Balenciaga” and these are decorating these items

The highlight of the creative line is a paper tote bag for around USD 800 and the line entails two shawls, according to the customer’s wish in wool or silk, and also those are imprinted with sketches of Pumkin. The collection will be launched on September 6, 2012 the date of Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out and will be available in the Balenciaga boutiques of New York and Los Angeles, both U.S.A.

The sales revenue of this limited line will be donated to the Animal Rescue Fund of The Hamptons Foundation who is caring for cats and dogs on New York’s Long Island.

Also designer Karl Lagerfeld gains inspiration from his cat Choupette to design new collection items and made headlines in the past few weeks.

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