Tencel® new in the world of golfers

Tencel® new in the world of golfers

Thanks to the TENCEL® fibre’s moisture absorption properties and skin friendliness allowing an optimum physical comfort it is almost ideally suited for active clothing. To play well, a golfer needs concentration of the mind and to feel at ease. The fibre’s characteristics aid the player to keep a cool head during a golf tournament and the new application was presented at the recent fairs Outdoor Friedrichshafen (D) and Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City (USA)


The fibre is also available as TENCEL® SUN offering protection against UV rays and this is ideal for golf tournaments to last for several hours and where a reliable sun protection becomes a must. The TENCEL ® SUN from Austrian Lenzing offers long term protection due to a pigment being permanently incorporated into the fibre and is not losing its effectiveness even after repeated washings. Depending on the structure of the fabric, a UV protection factor (UPF) of up to 110 can be attained. The exclusive fabrics are attractive thanks to long lasting colour brilliance and silky hand. Such golf wear combines comfort with functionality and despite the involved golf’s physical exertion freshness and perfect appearance are guaranteed as well as sustainability and eco-friendliness that goes also hand in hand with golfing.


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