Successful ITMA Asia + CITME for German Karl Mayer

Successful ITMA Asia + CITME for German Karl Mayer

According to in-house information, German Karl Mayer Textilmaschinenfabrik is looking back at a very successful ITMA Asia


Visitors for the HKS 3-M high-speed tricot machine and the second generation of lace machines, namely the JL 65/1 B and the new ML 46 machine and the Weftronic RS 2 for Technical Textiles and the Warp Preparation NOM 2 were in the focus of the high number of visitors, especially during the first days of the exhibition. The Mayer stand covered 672 m2 on the ground floor and 140 m2 on the first floor and had a similar design as the one at ITMA in Barcelona (E). Visitors originated not only from China but also from countries, such as Pakistan and India (each 10 %) as well as from Korea and Vietnam (each 5 %). There were also visitors from Thailand, Taiwan and Indonesia and attendance from Turkey and Japan was surprisingly high. Around 50 % of the visitors were company proprietors and 40 % belonged to the middle management. A majority of visitors from outside of China came with the fixed idea to place an order for new equipment and therefore numerous contracts were signed.

For the time being, the lace segment is still booming in China, were other textile and clothing areas suffer from the weakening export situation, especially to the EU.

All in all, the company’s managing director Fritz P. Mayer stated “The great majority of the visitors were serious buyers, and we were extremely pleased with the deals closed at the exhibition”.

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