New First US Flash Site for Latinos and Hispanics

New First US Flash Site for Latinos and Hispanics

American LuxeYard Inc., a leading luxury fashion and home flash sales website, has launched in mid-August a new division and website De La Fashion targeted for Latinos and Hispanics

The new site will also feature Spanish and Portuguese translations, offering Latino’s and Hispanic’s consumers access to luxury apparel and home decor online at discounted prices. De La Fashion was founded in New York City on July 1, 2012 and is a re-concept of its predecessor and the website will feature men’s and women’s fashions, top cosmetics and beauty essentials and unique finds for home, garden and backyard needs. The brand offerings will include Roberto Cavalli sunglasses, Soho hearts jewellery, Tripsciuive iPhone cases and Kitsch scarves.

The new division and site will be lead by the recently promoted De La Fashion president and site director, Christian Vega who formerly served as Chief of Business Development for LuxeYard.

During the first few weeks a robust member incentive program will be implemented, rewarding members who invite their friends to join the site with cash payments once their friend makes an initial purchase. The money will be versed straight to their PayPal account or other payment account and there is no limit on how much cash each member can accrue from converted referrals.

Among the luxury apparel items offered is the bespoke “De La Suit”. De La Fashion allows online shippers to design their own custom suit and choose the exterior colour, inseam and cut of the one-of-a-kind piece. Pricing for such a bespoke suit is between USD 400 to USD 2500 and the custom order will be cut and delivered within five to eight weeks. De La Fashion will additionally feature a special online Media section through media partner Latin Connoisseur Magazine, hosting interviews and articles on Latin celebrities and news and offer Home/Living Do-It-yourself tips and videos.

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