Chemical World Fibre Production 2011

Chemical World Fibre Production 2011

The world’s fibre production 2011 increased 6.3 (5.7 %) to 84.2 million t and thereof 66% were chemical fibres

The production of polyester fibres increased by 6 % or 2.3 million t to a total of 38.7 million t. China’s capacities were expanded by 2 billion t to 26.1 t and a further extension in the ongoing year is taking place and is also planned for 2013.

The production of PP and PE fibres (polyolefin) increased by 3 % or 150000 t to a total of six million t and thereof filament yarns amounted to 2.8 million, staple fibre contributed one million t and foils added 2.4 million t. Western Europe dominates this segment as the significant home of Technical Textiles. The global production volume is equal to the polyamide and acrylic fibres’ production together. The world production of PA fibres increased only one percent to 3.9 million t. Acrylic fibres added 2 % to 2 million t. Cellulose based chemical fibres and predominantly viscose staple fibres grew 12.6 % to 3.7 million t.

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