German Freudenberg Nonwoven invests in GB

German Freudenberg Nonwoven invests in GB

Freudenberg Nonwoven set global standards in the segment of adsorptives and has three production plants in Great Britain (GB) where Freudenberg is active since the 1950s. Littleborough is the latest site established and in full stage operation of activated carbon materials and filters, thus coating, laminating, conversion and finishing, and since 2008 and employs around 30 persons. This plant will now receive a new lamination unit to respond to the expanding segment business in GB

Adsorp_Filter_IlluThese adsorptive materials are applied for odour control, including medical and ostomy products for stoma patients. But there are also other application areas, e.g. in protective clothing, chemical and biological personal protective equipment, air purification filters and odour control applications, namely for footwear, pet products, household deodorisation products and specialist performance clothing. Liquid purification to remove contaminants is the newest addition to the business and is under development.

All adsorptive materials are thoroughly tested as to their performance and form part of the ongoing research and development work and are continued during the production process. The expertise of Freudenberg surpasses the most stringent requirements in various applications and is based upon the long standing experience of the company in view to flexible materials and nonwovens.

The three Freudenberg plants are located in Swindon, Halifax and Littleborough and are producing nonwovens for hygiene application, battery separators and adsorptives.

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