How packaging can accelerate differentiating product sales

How packaging can accelerate differentiating product sales

Following the success on the Baby Powder scented A-Pet folding carton leading to a retail success for apparel maker QSD, U.S. Transparent Packaging Inc. has launched for this purpose a Fresh Cotton scented package

QSD develops maternity and post maternity undergarments to help support and enhance woman’s figure, wanted a package that would be truly unique and memorable in the competitive women’s lingerie market. The goal was achieved with the hexagon shaped folding carton using A-PET material, often referred to as acetate. The package was originally designed by Transparent Packaging and QSD became aware that such a packaging could apply an encapsulated fragnance to the outside of the carton, the company jump0ed at the opportunity. Carinne Villeneuve, marketing Manager for QSD stated “Having a nice fragrance associated with our product packaging really sets us apart”. The scented package is one of the consistent styling cues that are driving the QSD Angel CareTM maternity’s wear brand recognition.

How was this achieved? The outer surface of the printed hexagon shaped box has a scented varnish applied. It releases a gentle fresh cotton fragrance when the customer is handling the package. It it is intentionally rubbed, it will release more fragrance. The fresh cotton scent was chosen because of the warm comfortable home feelings associated with fresh linens.

 Unbenannt Transparent PackagingUnbenannt Transparent Packaging

Transparent Packaging has over 60 “stock” fragrances available, plus the ability to apply custom fragrances, giving the clients plenty of choices to develop a unique and memorable package. Other applications using a scented plastic carton include hair care product packaging, perfume packaging and promotional packages. Many of the Transparent Packaging staff carry strawberry scented business cards!

Transparent Packaging Inc. is the combining effect of three former competitors, namely Transparent Packaging, Sicht-Pack and Look Packaging. It is the first in the industry to pioneer sustainable, 50 % post consumer recycled PET clear folding cartons. Transparent Packaging focuses strictly on the specialised non-packaging converting business and the line of businesses include clear folding cartons, point of purchase Gravity feeders, shelf flags, DVD and literature holders, clear rigid windows for sbs cartons, et box covers and clear sleeves. 

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