Research on nano-technology for risk assessment purposes

Research on nano-technology for risk assessment purposes

In December 2010 the German Baden-Württemberg government funded upon an initiative by AFBW e.V. (Alliance fibre based materials) a risk assessment research on nano-technlogy. The expert council for environment issued the finding that up to now there is no scientific basis that nano-materials and the manner they are produced and their application are today endangering the environment or human health

A new project, Techno Tox is under way to perform further research to find out that nano-functional textiles are safe for human beings and the environment. Data is collected to find out what will be the biological effect of nano-functional fibre based working material in relation to environmental conditions leading to exemplary risk assessment action.


The project is a co-operation between scientists (ITV Denkendorf and Hohenstein Institute for textile innovation) and industrial partners.

More can be had from the web address below.

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