Final report on Texworld Paris Le Bourget, France

TEXWORLD PARIS – record numbers give grounds for optimism

The Paris shows organised by Messe Frankfurt France, which include Texworld Paris September 18-21, 2017), the show focussing on materials, components and trimmings for the fashion and accessories industry, have recorded an increase of 13.9 % more visitors than the show in September 2016, i.e. 15473 visitors. Record turnout that was unexpected: after two years of lacklustre performance, buyers were in need of renewal and a change in fashion codes; the outlook was proactive and buyers were drawn to new products.

“We found the September 2017 show to be extremely busy. From the very first day of the show, there was a wind of change blowing through the shows. Very determined visitors descended on the General Forum for trends with its artistic backdrop, which provided an excellent showcase for the colours of the individual shows and above all the choice and original characteristics of the weavers. The stream of visitors then spread out into the aisles, searching for alternatives and change. A fresh appetite for the industries of fashion? Global ready-to-wear firms were certainly present, ready to get down to serious Messe Frankfurt France S.A.S. and enthusiastic business at the stands. Exhibitors welcomed the attendance by representatives from some very high-end segments, even from the European luxury sector. The same goes for the return by Americans (+19,38 % for the US) and contacts who were more than satisfied as they rediscovered the show, stunned by the changes made by Messe Frankfurt France over the last 10 years (design of backdrops, segmentation, ancillary services) but first and foremost, by the upscaling of the companies attending and their creativity” says Michael Scherpe, President of Messe Frankfurt France.

European brands remain very keen on the solutions offered by the firms exhibiting at APPAREL SOURCING, AVANTEX, SHAWLS & SCARVES – The ACCESSORIES SHOW-CASE, TEXWORLD et TEXWORLD DENIM  PARIS (+15%) and the top 5countries reflect this trend: 1 France. 2 United Kingdom. 3 Spain. 4 Italy. 5 Turkey.

A ranking that is identical to that of September 2016, with strong growth for all except France, which stays unchanged. We note Germany in 6th position, up by 18.7%, and Belgium up by +4.8%.

At 83% (+3%) internationally, the shows at Paris Le Bourget clearly demonstrate their predominant position in the global business for textiles, clothing and accessories. As Paris remains worthwhile as ever, participants have realised that they are called on to adapt to meet the demands of “Western” fashion and refine their collections, their marketing strategy and the service they offer in order to increase business and become creative.

Some high points: thanks to a feeling of greater safety, the Japanese posted a huge improvement (+19 %), as did the American continent (+7 %) with, as we saw, sound results for the USA and Canada and increased interest in Brazil and Colombia, Africa, a new player in the sector, made sound progress (+48%), a result of campaigns instigated by the Messe Frankfurt Group, which has recently acquired some trade fairs for textiles, ready-to-wear and shoes in South Africa: ATF and Source Africa and the launch of Texworld Addis Abeba, Apparel Sourcing Addis Abeba and Texprocess Addis Abeba within ASFW in 2017.

At the entrance to Texworld in Hall 4, the trend forum organised by the show’s art directors presented the fabrics for autumn/winter 18/19 against an artistic setting, which exuded optimism and colour with a backdrop of mirrors that reflected the most interesting sustainable fabrics at the show, adding a festive mood… This trend service in some wayset the tone for the mood of visitors to TEXWORLD PARIS: obviously on the lookout for different and dramatic choices, a desire for freshness and the authentic, mixed with technology.

In fact, buyers showed a definite craving for fashion and they were almost frantic as, from the first day on, they met the 1000 exhibitors (+10 % compared with last September) from 24 countries.

The categories at the show fulfilled their purpose and the segments for embroideries, lace and elaborate knits, which attracted a good number of exhibitors, really drew the crowds.

For businesses, TEXWORLD PARIS remains a major trade fair for the industry. September 2017 provided them with an opportunity to meet loyal customers face-to-face, or those with whom contact had only been by phone or email, and to establish business relationships based on real trust. It is also a unique occasion to explore the markets of the North and South American continents, as the Czech shirting specialist La Linea remarked.

The artistic backdrops, the segmentation of the show, and, of course, the very generalist ranges demonstrated that the show is open and appeals to all fashion brands. The large international luxury companies were side-by-side with major global ready-to-wear brands, including young design, which was very interested in the “Small Quantities” circuit, as brands are developing capsule collections.

The quality of the materials was one of the discoveries welcomed by visitors. China (with the largest contingent of weavers at the show) is one of the main attractions, as confirmed by Zhang Tao, the Secretary General of CCIPT TEX. The improvement in the business models of domestic firms, as advocated by the Chinese government, aims to continue working towards genuine fashion products, to develop technical innovation and to emphasise sustainable development. Upscaling, also noticed in the wide variety of products from Turkish weavers, the Indian ranges of cotton and embroidery, South Korean prints, the comprehensive offer, even technical, from Indonesian exhibitors all drew visitors’ interest. Creativity is achieving recognition at TEXWORLD PARIS.

Some, such as the designer Christophe Guillarmé, combine economy and style. He explains that TEXWORLD allows “procurement at source, without intermediaries and thus without commission”. Those who gave the last few shows a miss were in for a pleasant surprise with regard to unrivalled value for money/added value for design and they were astonished by exhibitors’ lack of concern when they were asked to reduce the price for a fabric seen elsewhere.

One of the ELITE segment’s highlights, an area dedicated to firms offering a wide range of tailored services, was hosting Pretty Girl, a specialist in brocades woven by hand using the traditional method of the Tujia ethnic group from the chinese regions Hunan and Hubei . ELITE experienced a constant flow of visitors (buyers were seen queuing at some stands) and new business practices were implemented there: clothing manufacturers (some from Apparel Sourcing) with healthy customer portfolios, who are increasingly asked to source materials by fashion brands, even while they continue to search themselves. Where exhibitors are concerned, this means double the exposure.

With almost 80 exhibitors for materials and clothing production to celebrate its grand opening, TEXWORLD DENIM lived up to its promise as a meeting place for businesses that is entirely dedicated to denim. Finding fabrics and manufacturers in one area made it easier for prime contractors to make contact and then conclude projects successfully from start to finish, and for exhibitors to network with each other. The TEXWORLD DENIM area is bound to expand with a marketing policy and its own trade show strategy.

Business Beyond Borders, a partnership that fosters business contacts between players in the textile and clothing industry and small manufacturing firms, set up by Eurochambres, met with resounding success. They held over 200 meetings in their dedicated space involving 258 companies from 42 countries.

Three conferences and round table discussions took place at TEXWORLD PARIS: the sector for future clothing, Ex-aequo, the trends for autumn/winter 18/19, new technologies and new skillsets. We should also mention: the Outlook for denim in the 21st and 22nd centuries organised at TEXWORLD DENIM.

TEXWORLD PARIS organised fashion shows in the Catwalk area by ESMOD Paris, the designers Fiona Fondadouze and Santiago Lomelli, the prize-winners from the Dinan International Festival for Young Fashion Designers, and Eymeric François’ iconic collection for 17/18. A Messe Frankfurt France exclusive!

The next edition of TEXWORLD and TEXWORLD DENIM is scheduled for February 11-14, 2018 in Paris Le Bourget, France.