The US Limited clothing company is growing

The US Limited clothing company is growing

The American clothing company The Limited reports growing turnover in July, as well as for the second quarter of 2012 and the half year and all compared to the respective periods of 2011

Victoria’s Secret stores added 12% (9%) more turnover , Bath and Body Works 17 % (2 %) and Limited Brands 12 % (6 %) and Victoria’s Secret Direct sales 1 % (5 %), only La Senza lost 5 % (+ 2 %) in July.

Victoria’s Secret Stores recorded an increase of 10 % (12 %) in turnover in the second quarter of 2012 and for the second half of 2012 10 % (12 %). Bath & Body Works added 7 % (4 %) and the same figure for both half years, whereas La Senza lost 3 % (+1%) in the second quarter and lost 2 % (+ 1 %) for the half year. The Limited Brands added 8 % (9 %) and for the half year 8 % (12 %) and Victoria’s Direct Sales grew by 3 % (0 %) and for the half year 4 % (3 %).

Total company’s sales amounted in the second quarter to USD 2399.1 (2458.1) million and the half year totalled USD 4552.9 (USD 4675.1) million.

The Limited operated 1017 stores in the first half of 2012, 12 were newly opened and 14 closed. Bath & Body Works entailed 1587 stores, three were newly opened and nine closed. Henry Bendel had 19 locations and four were newly opened, bringing the total in America at the end of July 2012 to 2619. La Senza Canada had 230 stores and 33 were closed, Bath and Body Works, Canada operated 69 stores, one was newly opened and one closed. Victoria’s Secret, Canada operated 19 stores and added one bringing the number of stores managed by The Limited to 2906 stores.

Victorias Secret


Victoria’s Secret introduces actually the new Body by Victoria bra and fragrance collection and Supermodels Candice Swanepoel and Bregje Heinen celebrated the new collection on July 31 ath the Victoria’s Secret Store in SoHo. The new collection features serveral styles in in smooth and NEW lace. The bras are sexy and fashion-forward and include demi, push-up, racerback demi, wireless, mult-way and full coverage items starting at USD 49.50 and they are available in bright new colours such as hot tamle red, vivid yellow, pink peony as well as polka dot and floral prints. The fragrance scent is inspired by the sensual feeling of lingerie against bare skin with notes of water blossoms, orange flower and musk.

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