Oerlikon Textile reports less order intake and higher sales figures

Oerlikon Textile reports less order intake and higher sales figures

Oerlikon Group has better results in view to sales and EBIT but Oerlikon Textiles reports less order intake, order backlog and higher turnover and EBIT for the first half of the ongoing year as against last year’s comparable period

Group order intake fell from CHF 2149 to CHF 1952 million or 10 % less, order backlog dropped from CHF 1605 to CHF 1319 million or 18 % less, but turnover increased by 3 % or from CHF 1900 to CHF 1951 million. EBIT rose from CHF 109 million to CHF 267 million or 34 % more and EBIT, excluding non-recurring items, increased by 15 % or from CHF 207 to CHF 228 million.

Oerlikon Textile reports a 16 % lower order intake from CHF 1195 to CHF 1000 million and order backlog decreased by 24 % or from CHF 1399 million to CHF 1012 million, however sales increased by 4 % or From CHF 978 to CHF 1015 million and EBIT by 89 % or from CHF 76 to CHF 144 million and EBIT, excluding non-recurring items, rose 38 % or from CHF 76 to CHF 105 million. The EBIT margin therefore increased from 7.8 % to 10.4 %. The order intake in the second quarter of 2012 decreased by 13 % or From CHF 569 to CHF 496 million whereas sales remained with CHF 520 million at the level of the same quarter of 2011. EBIT rose 45 % in the second quarter or from CHF 38 to CHF 55 million and EBIT margin rose from 7.3 % to 10.5 %. Oerlikon Textile notes a weaker contribution from the natural fibres businesses whereas demand from the manmade fibre areas remained strong and reports the highest order intake for five consecutive quarters and filled order books until 2014. This segment represents now the largest sub segment for Oerlikon Textile.


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