Indian yarn exports are up in volume and values

Indian yarn exports are up in volume and values

According to YnFx Yarn ExportWatch report covering the monthly data of Indian spun yarn exports made of cotton, viscose, polyester, acrylic and their blends are collected from 16 major ports in India handling over 90 % of textile cargo originating from India

In May 2012 about 86 million kilograms of spun yarn has been exported and its value amounted to USD 307 million. The overall unite price averaged USD 3.57/kg and comparing with the same months of 2011 the growth rate in volume was 64 % and in USD value terms it grew 12 %. It has to be stated that during the same period the INR depreciated by 19 %. Cotton yarn accounted in May for almost 79 % of the exports, manmade fibre yarn, comprising polyester, viscose and acrylic yarns contributed close to nine percent whereas blended spun yarn were responsible for another 12 %. The first two months of 2011-12 show that 160 million kilograms of spun yarn and worth US 575 million were exported from India. The first estimates for June suggest a continuation of the trend to higher spun yarn exports.

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