Sustainability scientifically accompanied

Sustainability scientifically accompanied

Swedish international clothier Kappahl follows a new approach in enhancing the company’s sustainabiltity. It cooperates with the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden

One of the school’s PhD students Marina Grahovar will follow in her research work the development of Kappahl’s sustainability report. She will search to answer the question how a company’s internal activities, assessment of and relationships with stakeholders interact and shape the content of the sustainability report. It is her ambition that companies reporting on sustainability can make use of the study to find inspiration and discuss problems and opportunities throughout the process of sustainability reporting. Grahovar will make available her expertise and the latest research in the field to contribute to Kappahl’s new level of sustainability report.

Kappahl and the University of Gothenburg have a co-operation for many years by sharing valuable expertise in several areas.

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