Freudenberg North America is in a hiring mood

Freudenberg North America is in hiring mood

The Freudenberg North America Limited Partnership (FNALP, the North American holding company for Freudenberg of Germany) anticipates the hiring of up to 100 new employees and investing millions in capital expenditures over the next two years

FNALP operates three companies, seven industrial facilities and employs 1300 associates in New Hampshire. Over 25 % Freudenberg’s North American workforce and sales are located and generated in New Hampshire and there was also the cradle where Freudenberg started in the U.S.A 60 years ago. The companies provide seals and vibration control technology components, filters, nonwovens, release agents and lubricants to supply the automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, construction and energy industries. Also TrellebogVibracoustic, a joint venture of Freudenberg with Trelleborg operates from New Hampshire.

To overcome an acute shortage of qualified industrial workers FNALP and its President Leesa Smith are pursuing collaborative strategies with the State of New Hampshire that will help to realise the planned investments. There will be also meetings with officials from the New Hampshire Department of Resources and Economic Development and state’s college technical training system to discuss strategies and partnerships to enhance worker training programs and encourage broader adoption of state incentives benefiting manufacturers.

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