2011 Nonwoven Production Statistics

2011 Nonwoven Production Statistics

EDANA, the umbrella association of European manufacturers of nonwovens and related industry released a summary of its annual statistic on Nonwovens Production and Deliveries for 2011

Production volume increased in 2011 by 5.7 % and several market segments were recording their best output ever in both tonnage and square meters, including baby diapers, medical, personal care wipes, civil engineering, automotive and agriculture.

Total deliveries reached 1897748 t or 55740 million m2. The production of Greater Europe represented around 25 %. Spunmelt production showed a growth rate of over 9 %, thermo-bonded nonwoven production was flat over the past two years; spunlace production recovered the most and represented the foremost important dry-laid output, stated Jacques Prigneaux, EDANA’s market Analysis and Economic Affairs Director.

Exports outside of the EU have never been as high, both in volume and value. Imports from China increased by 24 % and China became the EU’s most important supplier however for each sub-category of nonwovens the EU-27 remained a net exporter of products.

EDANA disposes of a nonwovens database and statistical methodology over 30 years and is refined with the latest IT features, it is unique and the largest of its kind worldwide, based on exhaustive yearly surveys with direct input from nonwovens producers. Additionally around 100 major nonwoven producers are directly involved from other areas and they are representing over 85 % of the production in the Middle East and Africa in a parallel system. The full report is reserved to EDANA members.


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