115 years of technical Indigo synthesis and expansion of Indigo production

115 years of technical Indigo synthesis and expansion of Indigo production



DyStar and its owner, the Zhejiang Longsheng Group jointly celebrating 115 years of technical Indigo synthesis at Ludwigshafen, Germany, where the first commercially feasible manufacturing indigo process was launched. DyStar announced also that the group plans to expand the capacity of its Nanjing Indigo plant in China

patenturkundeThe history of synthetic Indigo dates back to 1897 and with the introduction of “pure indigo” from BASF. The demand for synthetic Indigo dyes was so high that by 1913, natural indigo had been almost entirely replaced by synthetic indigo. To date, more than 260000 t of indigo dye has been produced at the Ludwigshafen production plant. This volume is sufficient to dye about 26 billion pairs of jeans, if put in line it would cover a distance from earth to moon 87 times.

With its patented DyStar Indigo® Vat 40 % solution, DyStar has contributed to the continued success story of synthetic indigo.

The constant enhancement of the manufacturing process over the years has paved the way for DyStar’s current success with double digit growth rates in the major denim manufacturing markets, such as a 40 % growth in South Asia and increasing market share thus leading to the expansion of the Nanjing Indigo plant and the recently announced project ot develop electrochemical dyeing of indigo in collaboration with Swiss RedElec (new electrochemical technologies which enable the reduction of oxidation that can be applied to textile dyeing, wastewater treatment, organic electro-synthesis and metal recovery.


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