What means sexy underwear among the younger generation?

What means sexy underwear among the younger generation?

Swedish underwear group Björn Borg – it offers also clothes, footwear, bags, eyewear and fragrances through licensees and owns also stores in 20 markets and Sweden and the Netherlands are the largest – has made an extensive study on “What is sexy underwear and Why do you wear it” among young people (18 to 30 years) across Europe, America and China




The survey was conducted by the market research firm Xtreme Nordic on behalf of Björn Borg and the interviews were conducted in Spring 2012 in S, GB, USA, E, D, I, F, NL and China. The findings are not offering real surprises. To answer what is sexy underwear changes from a male or female perspective with women considering romantic lingerie sexy, while men think naughty and flirty underwear are the sexiest.

Also not so unexpected it turns out that plain and simple underwear is only preferred by Swedes and Germans, and this is true particularly for German females, where as Spanish women want their lingerie to be flirty and naughty!

On average, over three quarters of interviewees – across all countries included in the survey – stated to wear sexy underwear on a date, but not all nationalities seem to behave the same way. Staggering 95 % of French people wear sexy underwear on a date, the same goes for 79 % of Americans whereas the Chinese and British like to keep their feet on the ground and not get carried away because only 18 % of the Chinese and 39 % of the Brits wearing sexy underwear on a dinner date but an average of 74 % of Swedes and Dutch does the same.

54 % of Italians and 56 % of French wear sexy underwear mostly to please their partners and 55 % of English and 67 % of Chinese interviewees are wearing them to feel more confident and good themselves.


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