Over a million certified users of ISO 9001 standard

Over a million certified users of ISO 9001 standard

Quality Management System (QMS) certified as conforming to ISO International Standard Organisation under ISO 9001:2008 does apply to over a million organisations in over 170 countries. It is a decisive tool for suppliers for goods and services and for the entire supply chain

It serves as a quasi common and comprehensive language between customer and supplier to understand each other requirements and to develop the capabilities of providing a consistent and conforming product. There is now a paper brochure available to answer relevant questions and to explain how to get the most out of applying ISO 9100 as a supply approach to quality management and managing the business in order to ensure that the needs are clearly understood, agreed and fulfilled. The brochure further explains the different ways that suppliers can demonstrate ISO 9001:2008 conformity and how to act if things go wrong and what to do when a customer is dissatisfied with the performance of a supplier.

The brochure “ISO 9001 in the Supply Chain” is available free of charge from ISO member bodies. The list of such bodies can be had from the website address below. The brochure can as well be ordered against payment of shipping costs from the ISO Store (see second link).



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