Austrian Lenzing secures multi-year pulp supply

Austrian Lenzing secures multi-year pulp supply

Lenzing AG the global market leader for man-made cellulose fibres secures a multi-year pulp supply contract with its longstanding cooperation partner Sappi pulp and paper group

Sappi is the world’s largest manufacturer of dissolving pulp with an annual capacity of 800000 t and is actually extending it to 1.3 million t (under construction) and the agreement is based upon the capacity extension. Dissolving pulp is – among other applications – used for the production of cellulose fibers. The raw material is based on wood, mainly deriving from certified eucalyptus plantations.

Lenzing has already secured high quality pulp for several decades from the Sappi Group and other sources for its non-integrated fibre production plants in Indonesia, China, Europe and America. The newest contract with Sappi contains similar conditions with pricing linked to paper pulp as comparable to former concluded agreements.

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