The eco-applicator of Monforts creates high customer interest

The eco-applicator of Monforts creates high customer interest

After launches of the new Eco Applicator soft coating process from A. Monforts Textilmaschinen at shows in Bangladesh, USA, India and ITMA Asia the company reports a high customer interest

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The new process using trough and roller techniques permit to apply just the required amount of liquid/coating to the fabric via contact with the roller provides significant energy savings with reduced liquor application and eliminates the need for a conventional wet-on-wet padder. There are three options: 1) to apply a liquid/coating to one side of the fabric, 2) to apply a liquid on both sides of the fabric and 3) to apply a liquid to one side and a different liquid to the other side.

The Eco-applicator range is suitable for felt finishes, coated materials and medical textiles. Applications include nano coating, water repellancy, softeners, flame retardency and insect repellent.

When used for clothing applications, the soft coating process can, for example, apply soil-or water-repellency to one side of the fabric and softener or water absorption, respectively, to the second side. A twin roller is used for double-sided applications.

Compared with a padder operation, the initial moisture content of 60 % is reduced to 40 % using the Monforts soft coating process thus ensuring a reduction in drying times and reduced energy costs.

More technical details can be had from the following website link. 

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