Record set-up of a new yarn factory in India

Record set-up of a new yarn factory in India

India’s Trident Group reports the successful start of a new yarn factory and successfully met its 98.5 utilization milestone. The factory was commissioned and stabilised in a record setting 15 months and was assisted by American Realization’s Real-Time Synchronization methodology. Thanks to the rapid construction of the new site, Trident expects to create an additional USD 60 million in annual revenues

Indian Trident Group is a USD 600 million enterprise with subsidiaries in more than 60 countries and has 10000 employees. Its textile flagship company Trident Limited is one of the world’s leading terry towel manufacturers and one of India’s largest yarn producers.

Trident sought the assistance of Realization, one of the leading providers of Real-Time Synchronization solutions for projects with the aim to double the company’s revenue. Under this expansion project Trident wanted to increase its yarn production capacity to create additional revenue with an increased output to sell more yarn to the commodity market in India. In order to reach this ambitious goal, Trident wanted to build a new factory as quickly as possible and then ramp it up to maximum utilisation as fast as possible. Trident aimed to complete the entire project within 15 months, with an estimated commissioning period of twelve months and followed by three months of stabilisation. By mid-December, the new TYS 5 plant achieved the 98.5 % utilisation rate, thus in just 14 months and allowing a 33 % advantage against other projects of the past. Rajinder Gupta, Managing Director of Trident Group stated: “We have set a new project speed and productivity benchmark for the spinning industry”.

How was this possible? Instead of following the 100 year old Gantt methodology (fixed project plans and Gantt charts) for managing projects, which typically requires about 21 months to complete a comparable factory construction and commissioning project, Trident adopted Realization’s Real-Time Synchronization methodology helping organisations to complete projects 20 to 50 % faster by eliminating multitasking and ensuring that all teams are always working on the highest priority tasks during execution and allowing project teams to adapt quickly to uncertainties during execution.

The key elements of Real-Time Synchronization ensured that all key components were in place for each phase of the process before proceeding. Synchronization was needed across all participating – including external suppliers – in a manner that all would work as a unified team. The prime objective was compliance in order to secure that all tasks were completed in priority order even when priorities were shifted during execution for uncertainties.

Realization is headquartered in San Jose, California (USA) and it has offices in India, France, Spain, Brazil, Japan and South Africa. The Company provides complete solution of software and services to assist industries to take full advantage of Real-Time Synchronization and among its customers one finds ABB, Amdocs, BHP Billiton, Dr. Reddy’s L&T, Medtronic, NASA and the U.S. Air Force. Collectively their customers have realised USD 3.5 billion in additional cash and profits by doing projects faster.

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