German ITMA Asia + CITME exhibitors voice positive results

German ITMA Asia + CITME exhibitors voice positive results

According to a survey by VDMA, the umbrella association of German textile machinery manufacturers, most of the exhibitors voice positive results

As we reported before, the VDMA members “Blue Competence” concept of sustainability was presented for the first time in Asia and visitor’s reaction was positive and “they appreciated the VDMA approach to focus on practical examples instead of certification experiments”, states the press release from VDMA. TextileFuture takes this as a direct hint to the sustainability campaign of the Italian competitors underlining a certification by an Italian certification body. This means that the position of the two members of CEMATEX, the owner of the brand ITMA and umbrella organisation of the European textile machinery manufactures are still on collision course and that there will be no quick fix to have a unifying approach to sustainability within the European textile manufacturing industry.

Returning to the actual survey conducted on ITMA Asia by VDMA. The expectation in view to the immediate future of Asian markets vary according to the market segments: for spinning machinery and knitting and hosiery machinery the major estimates are stagnant or even decreasing business in the ongoing year, but until 2014 the market development is characterised as increasing. In contrast for finishing machinery the estimates are positive and increasing markets, both on short or longer time projections up to 2014.

The results from Shanghai translate into planning commitment of German exhibitors for ITMA Asia 2014 and 61 % of the German exhibitors at the immediate past exhibition intend to take part at the next taking place from June 16 to 20, 2014 again in Shanghai, because of the effective business platform for China and Asia.

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