New leak location textured polyethylene-based geo-membrane

New leak location textured polyethylene-based geo-membrane

GSE Holding in Houston, Texas (USA) is a leading global manufacturer and provider of geo-synthetic lining products and is launching a new leak location textured geo-membrane with a textured conductive bottom layer

The new combination of unique features provides engineers with increased shear performance for improved slope stability and allows installers to perform exposed electrical liner integrity surveys to check for leaks.

GSE is a global manufacturer and marketer of geo-synthetic lining solutions, products and services used in the containment and management of solids, liquids, and gases for organisations engage in waste management, mining, water, wastewater and aquaculture. The company’s major products are polyethylene-based geo-membranes, geo-nets, geo-composites, geo-synthetic clay liners, concrete protection liners and vertical barriers. The manufactured products serve primarily to line or cap hazardous and non-hazardous waste landfills and contain material generated in certain mining processes. The industrial products serve in ponds, tanks, reservoirs, sewers and canals.

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