Ethicus named member of Future Shapers by Textile Exchange

Ethicus named member of Future Shapers by Textile Exchange

As we all know Textile Exchange (USA) is celebrating its 10th anniversary and within this framework it elects 10 Future Shapers

Among those newly named is Ethicus, a unique Indian brand with a strong sustainability ethos and selling fine handloom organic cotton products to the local and international markets. Also among these distinguished members is Dutch-German linen company Dibella with their innovation of a Green Hotel Room “for guests whose commitment to the environment and social justice does not stop when the go to sleep” and the first distinction was given to Veja for their innovation in the value chain and made it a winner of the Ethical Awards 2012 in its category published by the British Observer. Further members of Future Shapers will be bestowed in the next months to come, namely C&A, Gosypium, Hess Natur, H&M, Patagonia, Nike and Anvil.

The website of ethicus is worth visiting!

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