French Textile Machinery looks back at ITMA Asia + CITME

French Textile Machinery looks back at ITMA Asia + CITME

French textile machinery exhibitors at ITMA Asia + CITME in Shanghai (PRC) noted high interest especially from customers from China, India, Pakistan and Thailand

According to a press release by UCMTF, the French umbrella organisation of textile machinery manufacturer association reports that visitors at the Shanghai exhibition were mainly interested in new technologies and services. Some exhibitors are rather positive on the future development of the Indian market and the Technology Upgrading Fund System is an additional impetus for the modernization of India’s textile industry.

The order log for French textile machinery manufacturers seems to be in a good shape and delivery times are increasing.

The copycat business was a topic in the discussions between UCMTF and the press in Shanghai. Of course the fight for protection of intellectual property is a global one and some French manufacturers were reimbursed by Chinese Courts for the damages caused by patent infringement and some exponents being responsible for such unfair acts against French manufacturers were even jailed. However at the exhibition itself further infringements took place and according to various sources not handled to perfection by the organisers of ITMA Asia & CITME.

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