Safety first with Dyneema®

Safety first with Dyneema®

Cyclists around the globe will feature the latest development to bring cycling outfits to the market that include newly developed cycling outfits with integrated protective parts made out of the world’s strongest fibre Dyneema® made by Dutch DSM

Especially in a crash common cycling outfits do not protect the cyclist because they are made from a combination of regular polyester and Spandex. Dyneema® is 15 times stronger than steel while still being lightweight, flexible, cool to wear and extremely durable. The fibre’s application range is very broad from sailing lines to body armour. Dyneema® has been applied already successfully in skating suits for the Dutch Olympic short track speed skating team to protect skaters from severe cuts from the sharp blades in the event of a crash, the same goes for diving suits and Reebok’s ice hockey socks and protective motorcycle clothing.

Jointly with BioRacer, a Belgian producer of cycling outfits and the Royal Dutch Cycling Association (KNWU), DSM’s scientists succeeded in integrating Dyneema® in a new generation of cyclists’/riders’ bib shorts offering the clear benefit in the event of a crash because the fibre offers much better protection because the fabric does not tear as rapidly as regular polyester. The new shorts feel soft on the skin thanks to the microfiber structure of the Dyneema® fibre and it is offering a cool touch. The shorts are as comfortable as the polyester versions. During the up-coming London 2012 Olympics the cyclists from the Dutch national team will use the new performance apparel with Dyneem® during both the road race and the track cycling events.

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