German Brückner lands a great success with Turkish carpet giant

German Brückner lands a great success with Turkish carpet giant

Turkish Dinarsu Imalat ve Ticaret T.A.S. (established 1955 for the production of yarn and blankets) producing tufting carpets since 1975 and becoming a giant market player in this field with manufacturing about 10 million m2 annually (tufting and nonwoven carpets and artificial lawns) has recently acquired a German made Brückner coating line for tufting carpets

The newly installed Brückner coating line is one of the biggest of its kind with a total length of around 170 m. The capacity is up to 20 million m2 annually depending on the type of fabric and processing. The line allows pre-spread coating for pile integration, secondary-back laminating with flat fabric or nonwovens and foam coating with flat foam or embossed foam.

The drying process takes place by 23 DUO-THERM drying zones especially dedicated to carpet coating. The gas headed dryer operates with a temperature splitting for the thermal treatment of the pile and the coating side. It achieves a high drying capacity in operation and is very gentle for the pile. The separated air circulation of the upper and lower air levels allows temperature difference of up to 60°C. The Venturi mixing system for gas heating permits a perfect temperature distribution and the inverter-controlled circulating air ventilator guarantees a fast reaction on the manufacturing of different types of fabrics and by preventing pile deformations.


There are two applications units in the carpet application machine, one for the pre-spread and the other for the glue / foam application. The integrated straightener allows to straighten fabric distortions and there is also a function integrated straightening according to pattern. Two camera systems detect either the carpet back or the pile side with fully automated correction of distortions.

More details can be had from the website below.

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