German textile machinery manufacturer reports on its exhibitions results

German textile machinery manufacturer reports on its exhibitions results

German textile machinery manufacturer Karl Mayer reports on the participation in three different exhibitions, namely Saigontex, Indo Intertex and ITM Texpo Eurasia

The first exhibition, Saigontex was held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and the company exhibited jointly with its agent C. Illies & Co. It was not a large booth but an information stand at the Tan Binh Exhibition and Convention Centre. Textile visitors seemed to be rather optimistic as to their future business and they were foremost interested in CFP components on high-speed warp knitting machines as well as in the TM 2 two-bar tricot machine produced by Karl Mayer’s subsidiary in China. Besides technical visitor also foreign investors from Korea, Taiwan, Italy and China showed up because they intend to set up their own product lines in Vietnam.

At the second exhibition, Indo Intertex in Jakarta, Indonesia (April 19 – 22, 2012), Karl Mayer again was jointly participating with the agents C. Illies & Co. and Agansa. Since the 1970s Karl Mayer supplies lace machines for producing the traditional national garment to Indonesia therefore the interest was focused on lace raschel machines, especially JL 83/1, JL 65/1 and ML 46. But also HKS 3-M and HKS 4 high speed tricot machines were in the centre of attention. Such Indonesian tricot fabrics are majorly exported to the Middle East (e.g. Jordan and Dubai), however the turnover to this region recently declined by 25 % but should rebound soon. In the domestic market the demand for warp knitted spacer textiles has been on the rise over the last two years and producers of shoe textiles started to make use of 3D fabrics and especially start-up companies are heading in this direction and were interested in the technical features of RD 7 and RD 6 machines. But also the Warp Preparation business unit noted high interest because the demand for preparation machinery for weaving and warp knitting has increased domestically since June 2011.

The third exhibition was ITM Texpo Eurasia (April 21 – 24, 2012) in Istanbul (TR) and high lightened by the fact that there is a comeback of the Turkish market for classic warp knitted textiles and therefore Karl Mayer’s HKS 3-M high speed tricot machine (a bestseller) was in the focus and was introduced in 2000 and upgraded in 2007 by using CFP components and the latest version reaches a speed of up to 2800 min-1 and in a working width of 210”. Also the Turkish curtain market is on a gradual up-swing again since 2011 as well as in the first quarter of 2012. Interestingly enough the market demand for the manufacturing of conventional textiles is increasing but demand for Technical Textiles seems to be low, but gradually increasing. Technical visitors were also interested in Karl Mayer’s warp preparation technology where the new Nov-O-Matic created the interest of shirting and silk fabrics manufacturer and the INDIG-O-MATIC of the denim sector. Most of the parties interested were from Turkey, Turkmenistan, Iran and Syria.

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