Finnish design exhibition in Shanghai

Finnish design exhibition in Shanghai

Finnish design enjoys a particular attention at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Shanghai (PRC) during the months of October to December 2012.

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The motto of the exhibition is Design Colours Life – Contemporary Finnish Design and Marimekko (clothing and accessories). It is organised jointly by the Radical Design Week, Marimekko and MOCA. It will entail two parts, one will concentrate on Marimekko and the other on Finnish Contemporary Design and both will let visitors have an insight on how design is embedded in the daily life of Finns and how the aesthetic language of Finnish Design increases the world around us and by adding that good design is the luxury of everyday life. The Design Museum in Helsinki will support the Marimekko part of the exhibition by opening up its extensive Marimekko archives for the use of this upcoming exhibition.

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