New Product Manager for Polymer at Swiss Sanitized

Swiss internationally operating Sanitized AG (anti-microbiological hygiene effects and material protection for textiles and plastics) has elected Maria Toscan as new product manager for polymer

Sanitized_Bild_MariaToscanChemist Maria Toscan is not a newcomer to the company but she is returning to Sanitized having been engaged from 2005 to 2007 in Polymer Sales and she has a long career with companies such as Rhodia, Ciba and BASF and she represented her new responsibilities already at the exhibition at PLAST 2012 in Milan and assisted at the launch of three new polymer novelties, a new silver generation, anti-microbiological protection for foils used in the agriculture area and plastics with bio-based softeners. Her next tasks will be a concentration of the actual offering and the evaluation of new market potentials such as in the medical field. This is a major issue for the future of the of the Polymer division as well as for the company and is based upon sustainability during the production process and the application in the end product.

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