African cotton crop

African cotton crop

Cote D’Ivoire, Mali and Benin as well as Ghana show irregular production and recent huge drops in production. Burkina Faso and Nigeria have an overall positive production and they each produce half a million tons of cotton or more thus a positive development in view to yield

In Ghana Sherry Ayittey, Minister of Environment, Science and Technology stated that since the 1990’s the cotton production dropped drastically and was due to environmental and agronomical factors, among also insect invasion, The Minister attended lately a workshop on BT Cotton in Accra. Frank Van Rompaey, UNIDO Country representative stated that the workshop serves to support the development of insect resistant cotton suitable for Ghana’s cotton belt and to better understand the benefit and the steps to the introduction ob bt cotton. And he mentioned that in South Africa such efforts resulted in a 25 % increase in cotton yields and implying 66 % less cost for the application of pesticides and farmers could earn an increase of up to USD 135 per ha from bt cotton.

As we reported earlier, the Burkina Faso yield – based upon the 2010 study report – increases of between 12.5 and 23 % in cotton production and farmers earned USD 61.88 per ha more than planting conventional cotton production and made a net profit of USD 39.00 per hectare.

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